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The important section, which card to have your design printed on. This page will help you decided which card stock to use, but if you are still uncertain just let us know and we'll give you some advice.

What does GSM mean?

When we talk about different types of paper, we often use the phrase ‘GSM’ which stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter’

Higher the value, higher will be the thickness of the paper.

As a starting point, standard printer paper is generally around 80gsm. We use high quality grade card and paper from 135gsm to 350gsm.


Which Paper?

Diamond White Linen Effect

White Laid Effect 

Natural Kraft

Ribbed Kraft

Smooth White

Ice Silver Pearlescent

Ice Gold Pearlescent

Paper Stock

Diamond White Linen Effect Paper 135gsm

Laid Effect White Paper 100gsm

Natural Kraft Paper 100gsm

Ribbed Kraft Paper 150gsm

Smooth White Paper 120gsm

Ice Silver Pearlescent Paper 120gsm

Ice Gold Pearlescent Paper 120gsm

These papers are used for booklet inserts.

Card Stock

Diamond White Fine Linen Effect Card 250gsm

Diamond White Fine Linen Effect Card 350gsm

Laid Effect White Card 250ggm

Laid Effect White Card 300gsm

Clean Kraft Recycled Card 350gsm

Natural Kraft Card 280gsm

Smooth White Card 250gsm

Smooth White Card 300gsm

Smooth White Card 400gsm

Smooth White Card 600gsm

Ice Gold Pearlescent Card 300gsm

Ice Silver Pearlescent Card 300gsm

These cards are used for most of our stationery.

Linen Effect

Excellent qualities for a handmade and professional touch. A lovely tactile feel to you stationery, our personal favourite.

Laid Effect

Is perfect for giving your project that extra special touch.


This super high quality paper is perfect for wedding stationery. Double sided white pearlescent paper leaves a beautiful sheen touch.

Natural Kraft

This paper gives a cool rustic style and feel to your stationery.

Clean Kraft Recycled

Has a smooth natural finish that works well with wedding stationery.

Smooth White

High quality and excellent print qualities. Great finish for foiled stationery.

Ribbed Kraft

Has a rougher surface which accentuates the natural characters of this paper. A true recycled product.

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